DOL YouthBuild Newsletter: June 2019 Edition

Youth participants served by YouthBuild programs present a myriad of challenges that they bring with them at enrollment.  Recognizing and assessing the individual and personal history of each participant to effectively address these challenges before they become barriers to success requires an effective and comprehensive case management approach.  This month, we highlight some of the biggest and most common challenges with which programs are presented and identify some specific strategies to address them.  Awareness of the specialized needs of our youth participants is integral to developing effective tools and resources to overcome them.  ~
Jenn Smith, National YouthBuild Director, U. S. Department of Labor

YouthBuild participants most often enroll with a myriad of challenges that create barriers to their success during and after program completion.  YouthBuild programs must employ strategies that support youth in developing the skills required for success after the YouthBuild program, whether in continuing education or training or in the workplace. Staff must understand the needs of participants to increase the effectiveness of program services.

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