Timing is Everything

While we cannot cover all that you need to review to ensure useful and accurate program data here, we do know that timing is everything! Timely data collection, entry, and review will provide you the powerful resource that is accurate program data. Although DOL reports are due every quarter, good data management requires continuous attention and involvement. Data management takes place daily at successful YouthBuild programs. This doesn’t necessarily mean that data entry or data collection happens every day, but rather that the data management plan your program has established is maintained and considered on a daily basis.

Create a Calendar: What you collect, enter, and check…and when

The types of student data, and your program’s data management practice, will in some part be determined by what stage of the program cycle you are currently in. Successful YouthBuild programs understand the different phases of their program cycle and prepare program staff for the data management workload of each stage.

To be effective, your data management calendar must account for what program data you are collecting, entering, and checking, and when. Make sure to map out each of these key periods at your program:

    Program/training period

Get started thinking about your program Data Management Calendar by downloading the MIS Road Map!

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