As the end of 2018 approaches, it’s a time for reflection and forward thinking.  Below, we review the information that we have shared with the monthly newsletters so far this year.  You can reflect on the information shared, as well as the connections to further archived webinar content, by selecting the links below. 

During our last webinar of the year, we took the opportunity to hear from you as you reflected on what technical assistance has been beneficial to you so far.  But also, this final webinar of 2018 was an opportunity to help us to be thinking to the future, as we plan technical assistance deliverables and events for 2019.  We want to hear from you about the needs that you have as you implement YouthBuild programming – what technical assistance have you desired that we haven’t yet delivered?  Is there a best way you’d like to receive this assistance (in person, through peer networking opportunities, virtual convenings, manuals or toolkits)? 

As everyone focuses on New Year’s Resolutions for 2019, we are also committed to our resolutions – mainly, to ensure we continue to hear from grantees about the great, promising, and hard work you are doing in the field.  We hope to continue to assist you to develop new innovations – new fields of training, stronger partnerships, direct entry opportunities for apprenticeship.  But we also plan to support the ongoing journey of program improvement, both within the YouthBuild programs and the invaluable services they provide to participants and their communities and employer partners, but also to the technical assistance we provide.  Here is to a shiny new year, full of growth and opportunity for us all!  Happy 2019! 

~ Jenn Smith, National YouthBuild Director, U. S. Department of Labor

DOL YouthBuild and WIOA Reporting

Grantees should be collecting the necessary information and outcomes to allow for full reporting of participants on WIOA indicators once the reporting vehicles are available for use.  This newsletter will provide grantees with a detailed outline of reporting expectations and understanding of the WIOA performance indicators to ensure that grantees have the information and resources to effectively and fully track and report on program outcomes.

February - Building Placement Success on a Sound Foundation of Staffing and Partnerships

This newsletter will help you make the most of the required job developer position, and begin to lay the groundwork for understanding the work that must be accomplished in supporting participants and partnering with employers/post-secondary institutions for successful post-program placements.

March - Increased Learner Engagement: Strategies for Education Credential Attainment
YouthBuild educators must use continual assessment and reassessment to determine whether or not their academic content and teaching styles are sufficient to create a learning environment that is accessible to all learners.  Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Problem-Based Learning (PBL) are two strategies that have been shared with the YouthBuild field within the last three years with the goal of engaging and empowering learners so that they can successfully attain academic credentials.

April - Partnering with the American Job Center Network

The partnership between YouthBuild programs and their local American Job Centers (AJC) supports the goal of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) to build integrated, high-quality, non-duplicated services among youth-serving providers.  This newsletter highlights best practices in developing these necessary AJC partnerships.       

May - Case Management and Participant Success

A participant’s success post-program hinges on the type of support he or she receives during the program.  Support in the elimination of barriers to success is core to solid case management. This month’s newsletter provides great resources and highlights some best practices to address some of the hardest aspects of case management.

June - Construction Plus Framework: Strategies for Program Alignment

This month’s newsletter focuses on Construction Plus, the YouthBuild component that expands occupational skills training offerings beyond construction and into additional in-demand industries.  The emphasis on Construction Plus continues to grow and the pre-apprenticeship framework described in this newsletter provides guidance for how to align additional training industries with the traditional construction component.

July - Rethinking Recruitment: Partnerships and Strategies

The success of a YouthBuild program begins with a successful and strategic recruitment process that leverages strong program practices, partnerships, and community support.  This month’s newsletter is focused on the important strategies tied to recruitment and how to use program partnerships to make the most of recruitment efforts.

August - Utilizing Partnerships and Diversifying Funds to Achieve Sustainability

Sustainability is the ability to implement programming over time, and it’s accomplished by creating an organizational plan for long-term fiscal and programmatic health.  To be successful and to build true long-term program sustainability that can weather funding fluctuations, planning must be an ongoing process, even as the program is in a position of relative fiscal strength and stability.  In this newsletter, we focus our attention on building strong partnerships and diversifying funding to achieve sustainability.  

September - Building Your Toolbox for Success: Key Reminders for DOL YouthBuild Program Planning and WIOA Performance and Reporting
The daily operation of a YouthBuild program requires intentional planning and continuous quality improvement in order to meet the needs of youth participants, as well as the requirements of the grant. This newsletter provides some essential reminders of best practices and resources as grantees review their YouthBuild programming and think about future grant cycles.

October - Maximizing Your Construction Training

This newsletter focuses on construction – specifically, how to maximize your program’s construction certification training by taking advantage of all the tools and modules that are available within the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) and Home Builders Institute (HBI) curricula.

November - Leveraging Relationships with Offices of Apprenticeship to Promote Partnerships and Pathways

As November 12-18, 2018 was National Apprenticeship Week, the focus of this newsletter is the strong work being undertaken by YouthBuild grantees in this area.  Developing and supporting apprenticeship pathways has been a key part of our technical assistance focus in the past year and, as we further the implementation of the Construction Plus model, it will continue to be a focus and area for expansion.  This reflects the focus on apprenticeship pathways for the agency, and the country, as a whole. 



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  • Construction Plus (C+) Packet of Best Practices
  • Universal Design for Learning: A Toolkit of Strategies to Increase Student Engagement
  • Placement Toolkit Supplement: Best Practice Templates and Resources for Placement
  • Special Topic Report: The Role of Entrepreneurship in Rural YouthBuild Programs