This past summer PACE YouthBuild New Bedford (MA) began conducting pop-up recruitment events.  It started with the program hosting a recruitment table at National Night Outa community event in the city, and quickly transitioned to regular pop-up events. 

At the first event, staff members set up a table with YouthBuild information and applications.  In the background, the construction team and current participants built a picnic table.  If someone came to the table to fill out an application or submit a potential candidate's name, PACE entered them into a raffle for the picnic table.  The program participants then transported the finished picnic table to the raffle winner.

PACE has continued to hold these pop-up events as a path to gaining visibility in the community.  They have been a great way to showcase their participants' skills and market the program in the community.  In recent months they also caught the attention of other community organizers and organizations, who extended invitations to their various fairs and events. 

Project REBUILD in Canton, OH heard about this idea and replicated the practice in one of their neighborhoods.  Instead of raffling the picnic table, they donated it to a family in their neighborhood. 

Have you found a creative way to reach potential YouthBuild participants?  Are you engaging with a local community partner in an exciting new way?  We would love to hear from you by email at!