Data is a valuable resource at your YouthBuild program - it is one of the most important ways you tell your story. Each YouthBuild program is different, serving different student populations, with different resources available, using a different approach to implement the program model. But data management, technology, and online reporting tools are an increasingly important part of every YouthBuild program’s work — in fact, it is required!

Key to this important work for 2016 and 2017 grantees is an understanding of how WIOA performance reporting will be implemented in the DOL YouthBuild Management Information System (MIS), which requires the use of new and additional reports. In addition to understanding when these new reports are launched, and how to submit them, it is crucial that grantees also understand the performance indicators and begin planning participant timelines for success. This article and the webinar on Tuesday, January 16, 2018, WIOA DOL YouthBuild 2016-2017 WIOA Performance Reporting Practices and Strategies (click on title to access recording, available 1/18), will provide grantees a detailed outline of reporting expectations and understanding of the WIOA performance indicators.

Current Grant Class Reporting Requirements and the MIS

The three active grant classes (2015, 2016 and 2017), while all using the DOL MIS online reporting application, have different reporting requirements. These general requirements are outlined below.*

2015 grantees will continue to report using the MIS and view their WIA long-term performance indicators in section E of the Quarterly Performance Report (QPR). This grant class will see no changes to their reporting requirements and will continue to submit the QPR and Narrative through the MIS as before.

2016 and 2017 grantees will continue to use the DOL MIS and submit the QPR, but will begin reporting on 5 of the 6 WIOA performance indicators after 2 new WIOA reports launch: the WIOA Supplemental Report and the WIOA Median Earnings and Measurable Skill Gains Excel report. The WIOA Supplemental Report will be a required attachment to the quarterly QPR submission once the report development is complete in the MIS.  Grantees will be given access to the WIOA Median Earnings and Measurable Skill Gains Excel report after the January 16th webinar training and will be expected to begin using this report and submitting it as an additional QPR attachment for the next quarterly report submission. 

*Grantees with both 2015 and 2017 grant cycles are required to report on both WIA and WIOA performance indicators, dependent on the grant class. This can pose challenges for program staff as they enter data and build reports for the WIA indicators for 2015 grant class participants and simultaneously report on the WIOA indicators for the 2017 grant class participants.

TA Supplemental and Median Earnings and Measurable Skill Gains reports

As many grantees may already know, the DOL national office will soon be launching two new reports to capture 5 of the 6 WIOA performance indicators. These two reports will require different steps for completion and will capture participant data in different ways.

The WIOA supplemental report will capture 3 required WIOA indicators: Placement in the second quarter after the exit quarter, Placement in the fourth quarter after the exit quarter, and Credential Attainment. See the DOL YouthBuild WIOA performance indicators: 2016 Grantees information sheet for measure definitions and time frames. This report, once available, will be generated within the MIS on the Reports tab. Once generated, grantees will save the report as a PDF and attach it to their Quarterly Performance Report during submission.

The Median Earnings and Measurable Skill Gains Report will capture the median earnings of all employed participants in the second quarter of follow-up and the percentage of participants that attain Measurable Skill Gains at any point during each program year. This Excel-based report template will be shared with grantees, who will then use it on a quarterly basis by manually completing it in Microsoft Excel. Once completed, grantees will also attach it to their Quarterly Performance Report during submission. While reported quarterly, Measureable Skill Gains performance percentages will also be aggregated on an annual basis at the end of each Program Year to remove duplicate participant gains.

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