It takes just a minute, and will give you the opportunity to network with your peers, reconnect with someone you met at a conference, or ask questions of an expert.

This directory can be seen only by WorkforceGPS members who have logged in.  It is accessible from multiple points, including from the top navigation of any Community of Practice or the red “flyout” positioned to the right of any page.

You can visit your profile by clicking your name (once you are logged in), which is located at the top of every page.  You will be notified whether your profile is visible or not visible in the Member Directory within a blue bar of text that will show up just below your profile tabs.  To opt in or out of the Directory, click on the words “profile setting” within this blue box and choose to remove your profile or show your profile in the Member Directory.  Depending on what you choose, the text on the page will update to inform you of the status of your profile in the Member Directory.


Once you are in your profile, you should make sure it is rich with information such as your title, organization, phone number, biography, a picture, and your grant information.  Please view this video to help you get the most out of the Member Directory.