Upcoming Webinar - Increased Learner Engagement: Strategies for Education Credential Attainment

Teacher and student working together


During this 90-minute webinar, two YouthBuild educators will discuss how they have implemented the concepts of problem-based learning and universal design for learning as a means to promote deeper understanding of content while increasing learner engagement and education credential attainment within their respective programs.

Additionally, each educator will each speak about specific aspects of their experience, such as:

  • The type(s) of program supports needed in order to effectively implement strategies and sustain momentum;
  • The process when strategies were first being implemented;
  • Impact on programming and educational credential attainment;
  • Student and program success stories; and
  • Highly effective resources utilized.


Michelle Jones, Workforce Specialist and YouthBuild National Liaison, U.S. Department of Labor, Employment Training Administration


Jason Marshall, Director of Education, YouthBuild USA

Guest Speakers:

Michael Anderson, GED Instructor - Goodwill Industries, Inc. of Omaha (YouthBuild Omaha)

Michael Deragon, Academic Director - YouthBuild Preparatory Academy (YouthBuild Providence)

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Target Populations: Youth - Out-of-school/drop-out


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