Instructional Practice Techniques E-Learning Series: Entry Points

Organizational Author(s): YouthBuild USA under contract with the United States Department of Labor

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These are short videos that focus on instructional practice techniques that will help support any staff to better engage individual and groups of young people in their work.  All, less than 7 minutes, have the benefit of quick and easy application.
Click here for Instructional Practice Techniques Videos

With guidance from Mockingbird, Inc. techniques, staff can watch one of the six videos with accompanying tip sheets and immediately apply it in a classroom or onsite setting.  Repeated watching and application of the techniques will assist staff to internalize these great tools fast, keeping young people engaged, attending and learning.

“How to” hard copies of each instructional technique are also attached to have on hand to support staff as they teach.

Click here for entire Instructional Practice Techniques e-Learning Series

                           Vignette 4: Entry Points

Vignette 4 Transcript

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