Education at a YouthBuild Program Manual

Organizational Author(s): YouthBuild USA under contract with the U.S. Department of Labor

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The Education at a YouthBuild Program Manual is designed to help programs develop and implement a comprehensive education component. It provides guidance to program directors, school administrators, education coordinators, and teachers.

The ready-to-use tools and resources will help programs:
  • develop a strong vision for the components and design pathways and curricula that meet student needs
  • integrate the education component into all program components through relevant and tangible learning and hands-on experiences
  • build a data-informed culture that spurs continuous improvement in teaching and learning
  • ensure a safe and positive learning and teaching community
  • provide an individualized learning and teaching environment
  • prepare young people to access and succeed in post-secondary education

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Content Type: Resource
Target Populations: Youth - Out-of-school/drop-out


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