This white paper provides profiles of U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) YouthBuild grantees that have successfully engaged joint labor-management organizations, trade associations, and employers to create pathways into Registered Apprenticeships in construction.

The goal of the paper is to connect YouthBuild grantees, workforce development organizations, community development organizations, housing authorities, joint labor-management organizations, trade associations, construction firms, and the broader Registered Apprenticeship community with the knowledge and resources needed to grow Registered Apprenticeship partnerships as career pathways for YouthBuild participants. These profiles provide instructive examples on how to connect YouthBuild graduates to recognized training pathways that will lead to rewarding careers in the construction industry. This white paper also describes the HUD Section 3 program and examines the promising practices that DOL YouthBuild grantees have developed to engage contractors to place YouthBuild graduates in Registered Apprenticeship through this program.

This white paper is part of a toolkit, to be used with these other components:

Facilitation Guide and Step-in Trainings

PowerPoint Presentation

Apprenticeship Videos