The Registered Apprenticeship Toolkit consists of several components, described below.  These materials include a list of promising practices and training materials such as a support services assessment and an action planning chart.  We hope you will review these materials and consider ways to incorporate some of these best practices into your YouthBuild program in order to strengthen the connection between YouthBuild and Registered Apprenticeship opportunities.

Pathways to Apprenticeship White Paper

This white paper provides profiles of U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) YouthBuild grantees that have successfully engaged joint labor-management organizations, trade associations, and employers to create pathways into Registered Apprenticeships in construction. The goal of the paper is to connect YouthBuild grantees, workforce development organizations, community development organizations, housing authorities, joint labor-management organizations, trade associations, construction firms, and the broader Registered Apprenticeship community with the knowledge and resources needed to grow Registered Apprenticeship partnerships as career pathways for YouthBuild participants.

Facilitation Guide and Step-in Trainings

The Facilitation Guide and associated Step-in Trainings are for program coaches and grantees who want to implement new partnerships or take their current partnerships with registered apprenticeship sponsors to the next level. These materials include a list of promising practices and training materials such as a support services assessment and an action planning chart. Grantees are encouraged to work with their coaches to use these materials to implement best practices from the white paper.

PowerPoint Presentation

The PowerPoint is meant to be used as a complement to the Facilitation Guide. It highlights specific programs and resources that can support program development efforts.

E-Learning Videos

The value of the vignettes is integral to view as part of the toolkit to develop a sense of what can be applied in your community and a way to see a current successful registered apprenticeship model.  The videos highlight the great work of Operation Fresh Start (Madison, WI) in connecting YouthBuild graduates to Registered Apprenticeship through the Graduate Crew model.  The vignettes are broken into three key areas including preparation, partnerships and support services.  Use these with your staff as a set or in sections, looking at each section and determining where it could be applied in your setting.


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