These are short videos that focus on instructional practice techniques that will help support any staff to better engage individual and groups of young people in their wok. All, less than 7 minutes long, have the benefit of quick and easy application. Thesehow to” Tip Sheets supplement the videos to support staff as they teach.

Orchestrating Learner Attention in a Classroom

Emotional Attention


Entry Points

The Four Essential Re-engagement Strategies

Hit it, Get it, and Go


Education Video Series


Teaching Strategies: Program Culture

This 2-part series features strategies shared by top YouthBuild program directors and instructors to create a positive program culture and integration of education into the context of the entire YouthBuild program.


Planning for Effective Education

This video features top YouthBuild program directors and instructors sharing their curriculum development strategies, including integrated, contextualized learning, identifying mutually relevant academic and professional skill sets, identifying opportunities for cross-curricula collaboration and teaching competencies that meet both postsecondary and career readiness standards.


Staffing Your Education Component

This video features strategies on hiring and keeping staff shared by Jill Walters, Executive Director of Portland YouthBuilders, including qualities to look for in potential instructors, how to position your program for a positive recruitment process, how to advertise for a position and how to involve students in the recruitment process.