Working Hands, Working Minds - Unit 4: Construction Related Math and Measurement

Author(s): Anne Meisenzahl and David Greene

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Working Hands, Working Minds is a construction training curriculum developed by YouthBuild USA with funding from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. The curriculum is designed to facilitate academic learning in an applied context.

Essential reading, writing, and math skills are taught in an introduction to the construction trades. Through activities, community research projects, workplace exploration, group projects, role-plays and games, students are introduced to key construction-related skills and concepts. Working Hands, Working Minds is designed to be used collaboratively by classroom and vocational teachers to demonstrate the interrelationship between construction and academics.

This unit addresses students' fears and doubts about mathematics while teaching concepts fundamental to the work site. Students develop an understanding of standard units, learn to convert units, to read a ruler, and practice finding area and perimeter. They are introduced to fundamental geometric concepts related to construction, as well as the tools used to find right angles.

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Target Populations: Youth - Out-of-school/drop-out


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