Atlanta Partnership Development Update: YouthBuild and Apprenticeship Sponsors in Construction

Author(s): YouthBuild USA Under Contract with the United States Department of Labor

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Many YouthBuild grantees have difficulties developing strong relationships with apprenticeship sponsors that typically offer Registered Apprenticeship (RA) pathways. Among YouthBuild grantees that have relationships, many have devoted years to cultivating the connections that lead to placement.

The Atlanta pilot project is focused on accelerating this relationship process through a partnership between the Georgia State Office of Apprenticeship and four YouthBuild grantees in the Greater Atlanta area.

This document provides an update on the partnership development activities in Atlanta, identifying the key players and their roles in partnership development and describing the partnership development process. A great deal has already been accomplished—there is greater consistency across YouthBuild programs, partnerships that will lead to placement in RA are underway, and alignment of curricula with employer needs is in process.  This paper concludes with details of the current results, lessons learned, and next steps.

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