From 2015 to 2016, YouthBuild programs in Los Angeles County placed 100 individuals in apprenticeships. This coordinated effort included placements for 47 YouthBuild graduates and 53 residents who lived in low-income communities. Partnerships were critical to creating pathways into apprenticeship.
YouthBuild sponsoring organizations added value to these partnerships by helping apprenticeship sponsors meet local hiring targets during the limited lifespan of construction projects. This created career opportunities for YouthBuild graduates. This white paper provides the background on this effort from the beginning of the partnerships through the end results and describes the partners, relationships, and local community conditions that facilitated the successful placements. This document should be used as an analysis of how community partnerships can achieve the common goal of connecting local youth and community residents with apprenticeship pathways and employment in the construction industry. It provides insights about the important role YouthBuild sponsoring organizations can play in reaching workers from underrepresented groups who live in low-income communities. It also identifies strategies for preparing YouthBuild graduates and community members for these opportunities and documents the types of relationships that may lead to immediate placements.