In 2013, YouthBuild grantees began to implement the Construction Plus component. Since the inception of Construction Plus, over 81 YouthBuild grantees have integrated this component into their YouthBuild program design.

As the Construction Plus model has grown, it’s become more important to provide a clear framework for how to align in-demand industry training to the traditional YouthBuild construction model, which provides integrated academic and vocational training, the opportunity to earn industry-recognized credentials, and required hands-on work experience in the industry. These aspects are the hallmark of the YouthBuild program model, regardless of whether the vocational training is in construction or another in-demand industry, such as healthcare, information technology, or retail.

The goal of this Construction Plus Framework Guide is to provide information and tools in order to assist DOL YouthBuild grantees to ensure the Construction Plus component aligns with the key elements of a quality pre-apprenticeship program model as defined in the WIOA Final Rule. This framework provides guidance to DOL YouthBuild grantees to effectively operationalize the Construction Plus model. The framework is a guide to support quality programming and positive outcomes for YouthBuild participants, as well as assisting with the delivery of technical assistance, identifying best practices, and ensuring grant compliance with the program model.

In this Guide, YouthBuild grantees and prospective applicants will gain:

  • A greater understanding of Construction Plus;

  • An overview of the Construction Plus framework;

  • An assessment tool, along with spotlights of five existing Construction Plus programs aligned to the framework;

  • An action planning tool with an example; and

  • Links to key resources and guidance.