Recruitment of eligible youth participants is an ongoing challenge at DOL YouthBuild sites. It can be difficult to reach potential participants and to engage them in the opportunities available at their local YouthBuild sites. As we become more and more connected via social media and technology, local YouthBuild programs must develop their own digital competence and identify and use new ways to reach out to the young people they hope to serve.
YouthBuild participants and graduates often use the term “Each one, teach one.” This phrase embodies the truth that YouthBuild participants and graduates understand the value of reaching out to their peers to help them know and accept their power as young leaders.

This resource will share recruitment strategies involving the use of social media, many of which are currently being employed by successful YouthBuild programs, while lifting promising, emerging practices around effective recruitment of new YouthBuild participants. The voice of YouthBuild participants and graduates should be embedded in these recruitment strategies.