Promising Practices from the Atlanta Apprenticeship Pilot and Los Angeles Collaborative

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Apprentice with Mentor

Beginning in 2017 and continuing in 2018, five Department of Labor (DOL) YouthBuild grantees in Atlanta, Georgia began working in conjunction with the Georgia State Office of Apprenticeship to establish partnerships with employers, business associations, and labor management organizations that sponsor apprenticeships.

The ability of the Office of Apprenticeship to convene apprenticeship sponsors and the collaborative approach of local YouthBuild grantees are two critical elements towards creating apprenticeship pathways for YouthBuild graduates. Early results of this pilot project are promising. Additionally, in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles YouthBuild Collaborative has developed partnerships that have placed over 100 participants and community members into apprenticeship training over the past three years. This fact sheet is a resource to YouthBuild grantees that want to establish partnerships with apprenticeship sponsors in construction and other sectors, based on information gathered from these two local efforts and others.

This fact sheet will answer the following important questions: 

  • What role can Offices of Apprenticeship play in accelerating the establishment of partnerships between YouthBuild grantees and apprenticeship sponsors?
  • How do regional collaborations between YouthBuild grantees strengthen apprenticeship pathways? Which elements facilitate regional collaborations among YouthBuild programs?
  • What do these pilots suggest about the efforts necessary to accelerate and promote apprenticeship pathways for YouthBuild graduates?
  • Which methods, processes, and structures help to build and sustain these partnerships?

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