How can I make sure I am providing each of my students what they need to succeed?

The Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework works to answer this question and more for YouthBuild program and education staff across the country. UDL incorporates the latest elements of technology, adolescent development and neuroscience, and diverse student need into a 9-domain teaching framework. Its goal is to help educators reach every student, by outlining nine unique spaces within our instruction, where we seek to assess and recalibrate our practice for every student’s success.

This video series, along with supporting documents, were curated to help YouthBuild program staff, new-to-seasoned, better assess and implement UDL methods into their practice with young people. The series contains approximately 3 hours of training material broken up into short video tutorials averaging 16 minutes in length.

Viewers can expect to leave with a working knowledge of the Universal Design for Learning framework as a whole. An overview of each of the 9 domains and multiple examples of UDL in practice will be provided. Lastly, walkthroughs of supporting documentation with suggested uses will be shared.


  • YouthBuild Universal Design for Learning Framework Overview (link below, and Presentation attached)
  • 9 UDL Domain Video Tutorials (links below)
  • UDL Domain Video Presentation
  • Lindsey Good’s 4-Lesson Science Unit: The Science of Tattoos, with Lesson Examples
  • UDL Planning Document

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    Tutorial Video Links:

    Universal Design for Learning Framework Overview

    Recruiting Interest & Engagement

    Sustaining Effort & Persistence



    Language & Symbols


    Physical Activity

    Expression & Communication

    Executive Functions