These short webcasts will introduce you to WorkforceGPS and guide you through creating an account, searching for resources, registering for webinars, and customizing email alerts containing valuable resources. The webcasts featured below are applicable across WorkforceGPS. Access the YouthBuild community on WorkforceGPS by choosing YouthBuild from the Communities dropdown menu at the top of the page.

Woman touching (clicking on) WorkforceGPS icon          Observation deck binoculars

Create a WorkforceGPS Account                            Search for Content on WorkforceGPS

Laptop with email icon         Person's hands typing on laptop

Create a Custom Email Alert                                  Register for a WorkforceGPS Webinar

Click "Your WorkforceGPS Email Preferences" to create or modify a custom email alert.  For more guidance on navigating WorkforceGPS, visit the Help page.

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