Internships are structured learning experiences that give YouthBuild participants a real world work opportunity to be exposed to occupations in their field of interest while also practicing important work readiness skills. The links on this page share valuable internship resources to help programs develop a viable on-the-job learning pathway.

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Best Practices and Guides:

How to Start an Internship Program Tip Sheet

Webinar: How to Develop Quality Work Experiences for Your Participants

Findings from the study of the Career Readiness Internship


Sample MOUs and Other Documents Shared by YouthBuild Programs:

Internship MOU #1

Internship MOU #2

Intern Handbook

Internship Evaluation Form

Letter to Prospective Internship Partner

Internship Responsibilities

Internship Goal Planning Form

Employer Internship Request

Internship Contract

Letter of Internship Agreement

Internship Qualifications

Internship Timesheet