In this podcast series, Federal Project Officers (FPO) Ronald Vargas and Marjorie Fong interview Danielle Keys, Director of YouthBuild Bogalusa-Northshore Technical Community College (Bogalusa, LA), and Jeff Allen, Director of Youth Services at Olympic Educational Service District (ESD) 114 (Bremerton, WA). In these podcasts, presenters will explore the dynamics rural YouthBuild programs experience during program planning, implementation, and program sustainability efforts.

The podcasts will focus on the common factors affecting service delivery regarding funding, staffing, geographic accessibility of services, training and employment, technological capacity, partnerships, and population.

Episode 1: Strategic Planning and Program Implementation
Episode 2: Program Design and Participant Services
Episode 3: Service Delivery and Staffing
Episode 4: Registered Apprenticeships


Ronald Vargas, FPO, U.S. Department of Labor, Region 4 Dallas,

Marjorie Fong, FPO, U.S. Department of Labor, Region 6 San Francisco,

Danielle Keys, Director, YouthBuild Bogalusa-Northshore Technical Community College,

Jeff Allen, Director of Youth Services, Olympic ESD 114,

Eliska Champagne Veselka, DOL YouthBuild Coach,